Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sewing class and the unexpected vicodin slip-up.

** This will now be my only blog because Typepad won't let me sign into my other blog without reactivacting my FB account. (My own fault for using FB to sign into EVERYTHING).

I've been taking a sewing class at Durham Tech. I want to be able to say that the teacher is fantastic and I've been learning so much but all I can say so far is that she has been helpful a few times and for the most part we have been teaching ourselves by reading the pattern. First off, we are all making the same dress. I hate it. It is so not right for my body and I would never choosethis style for myself. After being bummed about that I decided that her job was going to be to teach me to make this style of dress fit my style of body. We finished putting most of it together yesterday and I was right, it's terrible. My dress is black cotton. It looks like I am making myself a habit. Possibly I can use it for a Halloween costume? I think most people use the nun costume to either be a pregnant one or a slutty one and my Halloween costume standards are just way too high for that.

Besides the horrible pattern, our teacher showed up about 50 minutes late for class last week and without even apologizing she gave this explanation. "Oh, I'm such a dummy today, my doctor gave me vicodin and I forgot which campus I was teaching at." Holy hell woman! She could have just used the "family emergency" excuse. I guess I have to give her some credit for not being a liar.

I have done a few refashions. I cut the feet out of Benjamin's pajamas all of the time because of my own sensory issues concerning feet (that counts, right?). Today I shortened a curtain intended for a french door so that we could use it on the small window in our living room door. So much sun comes in through that window that our living room is unbearable in the late afternoon. I turned a dress from H&M that was incredibly unflattering on the top into a skirt by cutting it and attaching an elastic waist. I used this tutorial for help. Unfortunately (for you, not me), I forgot to take a before picture. Here is the lovely after. Thom was nice enough to catch me professionally getting rid of a loose thread during our photo shoot. It's too funny not too include. 4968815170_e08795b42b


Now that I've gotten rid of that nasty facebook I will most likely have more time to sew, take pictures and possibly finish knitting a hat for my sweetie. I miss knitting, specifically while watching football. I also miss watching football. We decided to get rid of cable a while back and it's been so great but now that football is back, I miss me some Tom Brady.