Monday, March 1, 2010


Serious soothing gums business
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I'll admit that I am the first person to bust a gut when someone takes a spill. I could nearly pee my pants watching those video compilations of people eating dirt and taking a random fence post to the crotch. I have witnessed some incredibly memorable falls in my time, some resulting in broken wrists, some in horribly scraped up elbows, some in concussions. I laughed at them all.
I fell with Benjamin about two weeks ago on a walk around our neighborhood. This particular spill...not so funny to me. I had him in the Moby wrap, facing me and my fall to the ground was more of a fast crumble. I stepped up into someone's yard because a car was coming and there aren't sidewalks through most of our little development. When I stepped back down my "bad" ankle gave out. Benjamin didn't get hurt and my right palm suffered all of what little damage there was. On my scurry back to our house the memories of my giggles after watching someone bite it haunted me, but I'll probably continue to laugh when I see someone fall. Karma shmarma.
In other news, take a look at that wonderful daddy in the above photo. He's incredibly serious about soothing those gums.

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